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Day 33

Freddie Horton


So, skins looking pretty decent past few days. Its hard to tell though what actual acne I have that’s active because of previous acne scarring. Anyway my skins been pretty good past few days. It would seem this blog is ups followed by downs, like a roller coaster of acne! My shoulders aren't too good however. I never used to have a major problem with it on my back and shoulders, but recently has got quite bad. I'm just glad it's not on my face though. Unfortunately that probably means my face clearing up a bit was not down to the pills, since they are supposed to work on all acne such as on the shoulders and back, not just the acne on your face.

Well, whatever I don't know what the reasons are but I'm just glad for now it's calmed down a bit. Made an appointment to see another GP who is hopefully more understanding than my normal one, so fingers crossed for a dermatologist!


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