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Day 55 - My appetite is back!



Things are really starting to turn around finally! I woke up yet another day with out any HUGE cyst growing...I do have one small zit on my forhead but it's not bad...Besides the small zit I have nothing new distroying my self esteem. :D

I also feel a lot more confident....The guy that I was dating, asked me to be his girlfriend last night and that was awesome....I haven't had a relationship for a while and it feels great to know that my acne does not bother him. I even took of all my makeup and let him see me bare....I told him to take a good look at my face and really tell me what he thought. He said it's not as bad as I think it is... :)

One question I do have is how does everyone else deal with kissing....I have been stoping and applying vasaline every 2 min at this point because my lips get soooooo dryyyyy.....Any suggestions out there???

Side effects are present....my body aches are still there, and I'm still very stiff, but I have learned to manage....

I am also still oily in my t-zone...I have my 60 day app with my derm on monday and I'll be asking her about the oil...

That's all for now:)

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Hello KC it's Really Awesome what has been happening in your life this past 10days of your Blog things went from bad to great :boohoo: your in a relationship now so things are on the Up and Up :D and it's good you let him see you with no makeup so he can know what he will be really seeing most of the time.i have learned now that my skin is clear how acne was really bothering me, you get caught up a lot thinking about what people think about your face every 5mins then you find out that it does not really bother people as much as you was thinking because they look at you and see your acne is not all that bad but in your mind it's very horrible acne..hope things keep getting better for ya daily.

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