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One month down! 4 to go :(



Hello again!

So today I had my follow-up dermatology appt after one month of being on 60 mg of accutane per day. I think it went very well; my derm told me that she was happy with how well I was doing(she had expected me to break out more during the first month, and so had I!) Apparently everything looked good, my bloodwork was normal, there weren't any elevated triglycerides and whatever else they check for. I told her about the few side effects I have experienced, the headaches, very dry skin, lips, and lately inside of my nose? Pretty crazy how much this stuff dries you out, it affects your whole body! She also told me in the coming months to really make sure I wear sunscreen, and not just on my face, or I will burn really easily. Kind of sucks because I like to swim and tan a lot in the summer, but looks like this year will be a slow start for that since I am supposed to be on the medication until the end of June. In the last week, my face has definitely shown big signs of improvement. I have had a few pimples but they were small and dried out and cleared up very fast. Considering it's only been one month on the medication and I am already starting to clear up, I can't wait to see the difference the next 4 months will make. I was very happy after leaving the dermatologist's office today, because I am starting to clear up but also because she told me that once I am off the medication you won't even be able to tell I ever had acne and the few scars I do have on my cheeks will be very unnoticeable! It's really kind of hard to believe since I have struggled with acne since I was about 13, that 7 years later with only 5 months of treatment it will be gone, and possibly gone for good! Makes me wish I would have taken this drug sooner...but what's important is that I am doing it now and I am very excited to see my progress in the coming months! On to month #2!! Woo hoo!!! :)


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