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almost a year later now...



STILL have scars. i went to the derm today, and he suggested laser treatment. skin care is serious stuff, man. just like with the accutane, i went to the derm thinking i could get a gel or a cream or something and all my problems would go away, but no. i needed some intense pill that causes cancer in rats. now, to make a bunch of tiny dots go away i need intense laser treatment. life is so hard :D anyway, i need to research it. like the accutane, it's probably not as bad as it sounds. then i will truely be happy with my skin :)

also, in the beginning of the month i broke out a little... nothing bad by any means, but not as small as i'd like after taking accutane. it scares me... i told the derm today and he gave me all this junk. i hate having to use all kinds of shit on my face though! then when i go to sleepovers, not only do i have to lug around a giant toiletry bag, but it takes me waaaayyy longer than everyone else just to get ready for bed. or those late nights you come home and want to just lie in bed and die? cant do that because i need to take 30 minutes taking care of my face. i hate it. anyway, hopefully all the stuff he gave me will clear it up quick, then maybe i'll just use it as a weekly thing. kinda like with masks and nose peels and stuff. we'll see.

anyway, my main thing is the lasers. if anyone reads this, advice on the lasers would bee nice! i'd like to read some stories about people who actually did it, and to find out exactly how often people get those permanant pigmentation damage. the last thing i want is perfect white circles on my face.


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