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Day 1 Anew



Okay lets start off by tell you a little bit about my self.

My name is Lisa and I am 24 and live in missouri with my husband and 2 girls. We live out in the country. I have had acne for as long as i know. I believe i was 12-13 i could have been younger. I went to the derematoligist a couple times but I didn't follow through I mean after all I know it all right. :) It was a reason for my mom to drag me there and put me on birth control too. Her reasoning it was to help my face after upon futher conversation she told me that she was my age when she put her self on it because well you know the main reason for birth control is. My mouth dropped open :D I hadn't even been sexual active with a guy yet why did i need it.

I eventally was taken off of it or for some other reason or other. I still continued to use over the counter products and still do i mean after all they are there to help clear you skin. So i would wash my face every time i took a shower.

My regular regimn consited of me taking a shower every other day and using over the counter products with the inticipation of them working and not and still continuing to use them.

I seen no point in bathing every day im a stay at home mom and don't go out much and im not getting dirty so why shower. I also have a tendancy to rest my hands on my face, touch,rub and pick at my face. I also have seasonal allergies. I devloped those when i moved here 5 years ago. I dunno if it has made my acne worse or better. I don't really make notice of my acne as i have had it a while its a part of me. I don't wear make up nor was I ever a makeup wearer. I do on occasion slap it on and it may last a few hours before it gets to heavy and uncomfotable to wear.

I hope that is everything on my intial outlook on my acne and how it is. I believe I have mild to moderate acne. I have some scarring and a few cysts or noduales. Both my parents had ance and have scarring as well what kind im not sure.

My new regimen consists of doing nothing but still doing something.

I will get up do nothing

In the evening take a shower run my face under warm water

I will also drink more water. Eat better less fast food. and exercise(my least personal favorited)

I will also try really hard to stop touch,rubbing,itching and picking at my face(this will be the hardest)

If after 6 weeks to 2 months no progress has been made I will then stop this regimen and work on a more traditionel and more well informed regimen.

I chose this method because it was cheaper for the time being and it provides a clean slate for when i go the more tradional route. The only thing i may gain by this current regimen is possibly less weight.

I will post weekly photos of my progress.


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