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Day 54 - Still good!



I am feeling so much better! My face is starting to look good and that has be SUPER excited! I'm hoping it stays this way from now on.... :D

I also had the first drink (a hot and dirty martini yum!) since I started my accutane treatment....and I'm not sure if it's the accutane or just because I haven't been drinking but I got super drunk really fast. All I had was 2 martinis and I was done for the night....has anyone else experience that???

Hope all is well in acne world! :)

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Hello i am back to see whats been going on with your Blog i see Day 52-54 your cysts are drying out now and the big Day 54 your skin is getting better slowly but surely :D i told ya accutane takes some weeks for you too see any good things with your skin just think of what your face is going too look like at Day 90!! and you have been dating some more which Great it picks up your self-esteem because after all dating is Fun unless the person your on a date with is giving you the I Got "MAD Baggage" a Dating Red Flag! :boohoo: . and my friend that was on accutane she really had stop drinking like that when she was on accutane and when she did drink she got drunk super fast off light drinks at that lol.i hope your skin keeps getting clear because life is good when you dont have too be thinking about your acne.

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