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Hey there!

Its my first blog ever. So I guess ill be posting about my skin and skin habits i have. :)

Um i'll start off with little skin observation (i've spent like half an hour studying my skin, lol):

>My skin is all red, and it seems like all my old acne marks have gotten more vivid or something. Well, im not complaining, its the price we pay for having a clear skin, right? Its well through a week and two days now, going three. I didnt exactly follow the regiment at first, because my skin have reacted rather bad in the past, so i only applied BP for the night. its been two days since i follow regimen precisely now. The skin is red, only small part around the mouth is white/normal colour, which i find hilarious. I have to fight an urge not to run to the bathroom and wash it off.

I also was brave enough to apply BP before school and even had put make up over it. I'm so proud of myself for not rinsing off the BP and enduring it throughout the day. :D Although my foundation looked streaky and crap. :D But i just cant go outside looking like a boiled lobster. (:

On the positive note, the numerous bumps under my skin disappeared, and the texture is more smooth. My skin is dry, of course, so i have to moisturise alot.

So far, it didnt improve that much, i had loads of breakouts on my cheeckbones and jawline. It burns and i have weird dark blotches around my bottom lip corners. I had them b4 when i used Bp and as soon as i stopped, they disappeared. Fingers crossed, they'll go away.

Wow, my blog entry sounds depressing so far. :) I mean I am concious about my skin, but not frantically, I don't mind my friends seeing me as i am without make-up. though it does drive me nuts when people start to study my face and i can tell they are doing it by the concentrated look on their faces. Lol

To sum up the entry, I am so not happy with how my skin looks at the moment, worse than before the treatment, but i am optimistic and I'll give it two months. Upon the end of that lengthy time, if my skin doesn't improve, I'll stop. :( If anyone has comments about the time they started and what was going on with their skin, feel free to post, it'll help alot.

Cheers. ^.^


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