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10 weeks. ):



Oh my.

I've reached 10 weeks and I'm definitely not happy with what I'm seeing. This shall be a brief update since thinking about my skin right now seriously makes me depressed.

I honestly don't know if I'm seeing any results. I still have acne and new ones keep forming. The area around my mouth and chin is really frustrating. Like I said, I've been breaking out there and I haven't applied differin there at all. I have this bump on my chin and it's huge. Like you can't really see it but it's gonna be a pimple soon and it already hurts...a lot. ): Anyways, I've been thinking of apply proactiv, just the benzoyl peroxide around the area that I don't apply differin. Maybe this will actually help clean out the bacteria instead of just applying Cetaphil. I'm kinda scared though because I don't know of this is a good idea but I think I'll just start applying it in the morning...hmm...we'll see.

Other than that it's just more acne, more scars! I've never felt so insecure in my life.....

Although this journey has been extremely difficult I'm still going to stick with it until I reach 3 months. And then if I'm not satisfied...well let's hope it doesn't come to that because I'd really like to have clear skin one day.

): sigh.



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