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Okay, so after 8 years of struggling, stressing, & spending, I'm going to try something new.. I've spent probably thousands of dollars on hundreds of different products trying to clear up my acne. It's become an obsession, I'm obsessed with getting clear skin. I have never understood why I have bad skin because I take great care of my skin, it is pretty much my #1 priority to make sure my skin is taken care of properly every day. My whole day revolves around doing things for my skin (washing, exfoliating, face masking, moisturizing, spot treatment). And after 8 years, I can honestly say, I'm exhausted!

So.. I was reading a forum on here today of a girl who was telling how she got rid of her acne.. She said she did,, nothing... Nothing?.. Yes, Nothing. After she quit putting harsh facial cleansers on her skin, her skin calmed down & cleared up...

So, 8 years & thousands of dollars later.. I quit! lol

I'm going to try this "nothing" & see how it works for me.

My plan is to get some non harsh facial cleanser & wash gently in the morning, moisturize, & wash gently at night. No more exfoliants, no more face masks, no more BP or SA, no more scrubbing, no more revolving my day around my face.

I mean it's been 8 years, of (like I said) struggling, stressing, & spending, & nothing has worked yet, so I'm going to stop struggling, stop stressing, & stop spending all my hard earned money on something if it's just not working!

I will update with my products & (hopefully) progress!


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