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Week 4, day 2



I'm going crazy with all this dryness and flakes! My skin is rough and patchy and a little red. I want to wait until next week to try the AHA+...hopefully that can help with the flakes. Right now, I have old scars on my jawline, but the newer pimples that are healing leave red marks. Maybe all this flakiness sheds my skin so much that not much scaring will be left. At least that's what I'm hoping. :)) I'm only using a pump now, as 1 1/2 pumps was too soon. But my skin seems to be dry no matter what. I'm not sure that my skin will get used to the BP and stop being dry. Any encouragement or advice?

For some reason I broke out in like 4 small pimples yesterday in the same problem area- my right jawline/neck. Why? I think it's cause I rub/scratch those areas. I was too tired last night to pop them. I don't squeeze or pop the pimples that need time to calm down and heal. Yes, it has been embarrassing having a few whiteheads (they actually come up throughout the day and I don't realize it!) but the next day or two they are gone.

Not having to be at school at the crack of dawn allow me to take time doing the regimen. But on Sunday and monday, I have clinical 6 am so doing the whole regimen takes a lot of time (Shower + dry + Bp + dry + moisturizer + dry) Maybe on the mornings I have clinical, I will only use BP as spot treatment, and put on more BP at night. Sounds like a plan?

I am FED UP with my skin being soooo dry. I just want to quit the regimen for a few days. Ugh. But then I know I will continue to break out. At least my skin/face doesn't hurt being covered in pimples. I have very fair skin, so being on the regimen makes me look like I go tanning or am constantly slightly sunburned. Anyways, no has really asked.

The diet is getting better. Stomach is adjusting. I honestly don't believe I'm allergic to gluten, because nothing severe happens. I was eating a protein style hamburger from In n' Out the other day, and my hands were itching from the sauce that was dripping on them. Then the thought occured to be, that any time I've cut tomatoes or had hands in tomato sauce/ketchup, my skin itches....WTF. Is this what I'm allergic to? Ugh. So that is another thing to add in my DO NOT eat diet right now.

Anyways, life will go on. I'm just studying today and not going out so I don't care much about my skin...I just hate the dryness,


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