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Day 28

Freddie Horton


Just as you think it's getting better, it gets worse. That's how I've always felt about acne, and here I am again, really pissed off because it's happened once again. Do you ever wake up, and just know you have some new stubborn spots on your face? Like you can feel them deep under your skin; the really red, sore ones that won't go down no matter what you do to it.

It's been 1 month since starting my pills, and I am totally impressed at how my skin hasn't changed one bit. I have witnessed no change at all. Well, minus the normal ups and downs that occur every now and then like in my last post. My GP says my skin isn't bad enough to be put on Roaccutane, yet it's too stubborn for any of the other crap I get prescribed to do anything, so I'm stuck in the middle, with crappy skin. Maybe I should intentionally make my skin worse so my GP has no choice but to refer me to a dermatologist. How ridiculous is that.

My back and shoulders aren't any better either. I hate feeling so bloody filthy all the time. You see all the shoddy products in Boots with a picture of some woman, who's clearly never had any problem with acne, modelling for the product saying "Hey, I have perfect skin and never have to worry about it, we both know this product won't work and is overly priced, but if you buy something you'll feel like you're tackling the problem." It's just insulting really.

GOSH I get so worked up about this. I'll have a bitch fit every now and then to let my anger out. Anyway. Day 28: and nothing is different. Stay tuned for continual disappointment.


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