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Day 51 - Gum bleedings REALLY???UGh



Ok so I was saying how my side effects were under control....and here I am in a meeting giving a presentation and my gums just start bleeding like CRAZY! :)

Everyone just stared at me and I had no idea what to do. I had no idea were the blood was coming from then I realized it was my gums! It was horrible! The bleeding stoped but it took a while, when I got home and I brushed my teeth it started all over again....

Well besides the gums bleeding, I didn't wake up with any new cystic acne that's a plus....

That's all...LOl :D


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Bleeding gums in the middle of your presentation.WOW dam man i have no words too say i know you was Crazy embarrassed! :D i hope you dont work with assclowns that was smiling at that.. why did anyone not say something? and you must have a good job since you be doing a lot of presentations. :D and you had no new Cystic acne and yup thats a plus :boohoo: lol cya around.

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Yep I have a great job....I think people were more terrified of seeing a person's mouth fill with blood then anything else....

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