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Forehead acne



Ever since the 9th grade i have been suffering with what i'v learned to be very stubborn acne. In years before then i rarely ever got blemishes but then after a bad personal experience involved with a lot of stress my skin basically exploded. An area of my face that i never thought would have problems with acne turned out to be the worst, my forehead. It started out by getting really oily and ichy and then in time my forehead developed what seemed like millions of little bumps everywhere, some big but for the most part small with a lot of clumping. After months of dealing with the acne i finally tried benzaclin and it worked great for me in about a month and a half most if not all of the bumps were gone, this lasted for about a month or two and then as if they never left all the bumps came back and the benzaclin stopped working. I am now a junior in high school and i still currently have the bumps. Along the way from 9th grade till now i have tried just about everything there is to offer for acne treatment, from topical antibiotics to oral antibiotics to over the counter drugs to dietary changes and just leaving my skin alone. Nothing has worked! I mean sure some things will show slight results but nothing so far has shown true results. it has gotten to the point where all i can think about is how my forehead looks. I never ever wear makeup on there because i just know it will make it worse. it's really gross for me seeing myself in certain angles of light because all i see is textured bumps.I realize that stressing about it wont help but i cant help myself. Prom is coming up in a few months and i would really love to have these bumps gone for good by then. PLEASE HELP!


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