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Day 50 - Still no break :(



UGH! I am so fustrated! New cystic acne has surfaced and I still have the one HUGE one that I can't get rid of, it has been there for weeks....I'm going to my derm and asking her to inject them with the steroids....

Side effects - Are at a minimum still....

Blah! :)


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hello i have not looked at your blog for some days and looking at your posts over the past days i see you went on a date which is Cool :boohoo: how did it go? and your still picking your acne :D and you keep getting cystic acne which seems to happen a lot too you man and new ones always pop up which sucks.Is their a reason you keep getting a good amount of new cystic seemly weekly and how many days do you have left on accutane? and it's good you get minimum side effects which is great :D cya. :D LOL!

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Hi Richard! Glad to hear from you....well my date went ok....I still was really self consious about my acne, but he didn't seem to care.... I guess we are our hardest critics....I still don't like the way I look....And I have 3 more months of accutane, so by June I should be done...I know that will be here soon....I pray! See yA ! :boohoo:

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