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Day 24



Apart from looking very dull my skin doesnt look as blotchy today. I've got one nasty pimple on my lower cheek that looks like an ingrown hair (it's in the beard area). I have to say that my beard trimmer that i got for christmas has been excellent at minimizing acne caused through shaving. Obviously it hasn't completely stopped the acne forming (hence the pimple) but it has contirbuted to keeping it at bay.

The diet is the same as ever except i have increased my caprylic acid tablets from three to five a day as instructed in my candida guidebook. Again no 'die off' symptoms are apparent as my energy levels are good, i've had no ulcers whatsoever, and my acne as i've said is rather up and down in it's severity. Having said this my tongue is very pale still, and there's quite an awful taste in my mouth that's frequent enough to irritate me. Also my sinus problems seem to have worsened just lately although that may be due to my switch from anti-histamines to quercetin.

I think at the end of this month i'm going to try and go gluten free as well as staying on the candida diet. I know i'm sensitive to gluten and the only thing that has stopped me giving it up so far is that this candida diet is so restrictive as it is that giving up my yeast free soda bread and oatcakes just seems ridiculous. However if i want to beat acne it seems that even more sacrifices have to be made :)


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