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Week 3 day 6



The regimen is amazing, I have to say. My skin still has a lot of scars which looks like acne still. :)/ but at least I can go out and not wear makeup. I know if I only have one pimple once a month, even all my previous scars will fade in a few years on their own. I just need to stop breaking out, and then I'll think about actually treating the scars.

I wore makeup on Thursday and Saturday, and about Sunday and Monday I broke out in three tiny pimples on my forehead/hairline, and two on my lipline. I realized I wore lipstainer on either of those days (I think it was thursday) and believe I broke out because of the makeup. The breakouts on my forehead were almost nothing for a few weeks now, but then i put foundation on (instead of just concealing) and I broke out. Ugh. Plus Sunday I started my period so... the small break out could be because of that? ugh.

So I'm not sure if it's the Everday mineral makeup that is making me break out, or the brushes. i wash the brushes frequently, but maybe it's just irritating my skin. I have to be honest though, I've been lightly rubbing my skin with tweezers (I sanitize with rubbing alcohol first), and the super dry areas (the corner of my jawline by my ears) I scratched to get rid of the flakes. Ugh I'm really trying not to go crazy with the dryness. I don't look to flakey or rough during the day after I moisturize, unless if I put makeup on. Then, my skin just has a weird texture to it. In the morning however, I put extra moisturizer and jojoba oil on, and in the morning I have flakes.

I asked my friend who's been on the regimen for a year how much BP she uses. She only uses a dime size amount! She doesn't wear makeup. Her skin is clear. When I amped up the dosaged to 1 1/2 pump, my skin was super red and dry. Ugh. So now I'm back to one pump, which I think is doing its job? I keep reminding myself that it takes a few weeks for pimples to form right?

My chest and lower part of my neck are glowing. The skin is so smooth! I put BP on every other night, and moisturize with cetaphil. My back is also clearing up great, though I still get a few pimples. Back in November, I switched shampoos and my back and skin just seemed to get worse. My scalp itched like crazy! But for some reason, I decided to continue using the shampoo. Stupid me. A week ago, I switched shampoos and it is great! I don't use condition because my hair would be too oily.

I have about 4 healing pimples on my left side on my chin/jawline. They are noninflamed and aren't infected or irritated. In the symmetrical spot on the right side, it's the same. I think by the end of the week, if i don't have any more breakouts, the active/current/healing pimples now will be gone and healed. Is it possible I could be even 90% clear by the end of the full 4 weeks?!

I'm on a gluten free dairy free diet. My body overall feels great, though my stomach has had mild cramping. My system may be getting used to the gluten free foods, but also maybe getting used to the soy and rice milk. I think I will switch to almond milk when I've used up the soy and rice milk. I used to drink a gallon of whole milk a week!

I have to add something that I really dont like about BP- it bleaches hair. I have pretty blond hair naturally, and for the last several months I've been dying it a dark blond. Now, my eyebrows and hairline are so blond! You can't see my eyebrows....ugh. It's kinda funny actually I'm laughing right now. So I attempt to look like Groucho Marx and fill in my eyebrows. lol

So here are radical changes I've been making:

No caffeine (I've avoided caffeine for about 5 weeks now) Last year, I didn't have anything with caffeine for about 6 months, and my skin was 80% clear.

No dairy (for 3 days now)

No gluten (for 3 days now)

No sodium laureth sulfate products (except cetaphil has trace amounts?)

No makeup except if absolutely necessary!!!

Substitute sugar with honey/or agave when possible.

No laundry detergent. Wash clothes in hot water. Change pillow case every few days.

I sleep on my back now.

No picking! I've done very good with this. Though my skin itches sometimes and I want so bad to touch it.

I have hope! I'm not depressed about my skin like I was before. It's strange, I think I look sort of better without caking on all the foundation. Even though people are seeing my true skin, I'm not depressed about it. Weird? ya. It's freeing. Thanks for reading!


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