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End of Week 7!



Hi everyone,

I have reduced my blog entries because I just don't have much to report...other than my skin looks really great! No pimples, hardly any blackheads, and oddly, not too dry or flaky anymore. :D My facial skin has really changed in less than two months, in texture, in oil production, in almost everyway. Claravis has brought incredible changes in my skin! I went without makeup this entire weekend and didn't give it a second thought!

My lips continue to be insanely chapped, my eyes are dry and the skin on my hands is fragile, itchy and irritated. Joint pain on and off. However, I am doing just fine, am exercising on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a time and continue to eat well and take vitamin supplements. My alcohol consumption has been minimal...I continue to feel that this journey has been worth it!

Mu husband also has very clear skin on his face. He has very chapped lips. We both Thank God for Aquafor! :) He continues to develop more of that little red-dot rash, now all over the lower part of his arms and on his ankles. He also has dry patches scattered here and there on his body. We are dousing him in hydrocortisone cream every night after his shower and it seems to keep it under control. None of his skin issues hurts or itches. He also has occasional joint and muscle pain, but nothing serious.

My next Derm appointment is March 8th, so I am hoping for good lab work and continued success! Best wishes to everyone on this journey to beautiful skin!


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