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Week 4, Day 7



So I'm at the very end of week 4, tomorrow I start week 5!

Here's a summary of the week for my skin:

One of my cheeks was/is perfectly clear all the past week, whereas the other erupted with several ugly pus-filled pimples that now are going away. :D

I'm still breaking out it seems but the pimples I'm getting don't *seem* to be sticking around as long from what I can tell. My clear cheek has two spots that feel like a couple pimples may be arising from under the skin, but I can't tell. They don't hurt at all and they're flushed this really light pink, and what I can feel under the skin doesn't feel like some big pimple or anything.. I dunno, I guess we'll see over the next several days if they erupt! I've put some AHA on them as a spot treatment in hopes that'll keep them from turning into inflamed pimples in case that's what they are. :)

I've also tried the AHA! I really like it, it stings like *hell* but it does help with the flaking and I *think* the pimples, too! My flaking isn't gone (Yes, my flaking is that bad!), but the AHA definitely helps. :)

Overall I *think* my skin is improving... I really think Dan's what to expect page though might be a bit off from other peoples' logs I've read here. That or my case is just one of the persistent ones!


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