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Day 15



Day 15...acne is still there! Ha, I wasn't expecting a miracle or anything. So about 5 days after my derm attacked my chin with extracting tools, most of the scabs and little whiteheads had fallen off and my chin smoothed significantly. I got a HUGE cyst by my hairline on my left side, and it left a nasty red mark but thank god it was by my hairline so its not so visible. I have two actives brewing on my forehead, one right above my right eyebrow and one smack in the middle of my eyebrows, cute right? I also have an enormous white head on the right side of my lower lip that has now scabbed over but is still very large. I think there's still gunk in there (eww gross). The pores on my nose and cheeks are still HUGE and seem to be filled with a million little blackheads. Red marks are still there of course. Honestly, some of the bad ones left from cysts will take at least 3 months just to moderately fade, I know that much.

I saw my derm again today, because I think I got an indent from a cortisone shot and she wanted me to come in and get it injected with saline to try and plump it back up. She also attacked my chin again so there's about 5 scabby marks now. They'll heal in a couple days.

I have NO dryness at all, no symptoms, nada. I have moderately dry lips, but not any drier than I have gotten before accutane on a cold winter day in the northeast. My derm says we will probably bump my dosage to 60 mg next month, which I was happy to hear. With 1 month at 40 mg and 5 months at 60 mg I will definitely hit well above my cumulative dose (I'm 5'6" and 135 pounds).

I'm going to actually try and hold up on updating until Day 30. Again, like I said before I'm pretty obsessed with acne and this website, which is just not good for me. I really need to just stay away and stop thinking about my skin so much.

See you at the end of month 1!


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