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Catch 22 of wearing makeup



I am convinced that wearing makeup makes me break out :D( I have broken out in tiny pustules and whiteheads still along my jawline and chine area, but NOTHING like the deep painful cystic acne like before the regimen.

Before using the regimen, I had these tiny little bumps on my the front of my neck and chest, and NEVER thought they were there because of foundation. They would drive me crazy because you could just see these thousands of tiny tiny bumps on my skin. Since starting the regimen, they are all gone. My neck and chest are so soft and smooth. I've noticed tiny whiteheads still coming up on my jawline tho- and that's where I try to cover up the scars/active pimples when I go out... Or the small continuous breakouts could very well be that I am not gentle enough with my skin. :D/

I guess it looks like I will just have to humble myself even more and just completely not wear makeup. :)( Lord, help me. On wednesday (I think) I increased to one full pump of BP. I decided to try 1 1/2 pumps last night, seeing how my skin wasn't as dry using the 1 pump and the redness was going down. Well this morning, I woke up and my skin was red and tight (just like the first few days of starting the regimen). It's not quite flakey and dry (strange?) It's like with every step of bumping the BP, your skin starts the same process ALL OVER again. :)( If anyone's reading this and has been on Dan's regimen for a few months, did you experience the same thing?

Maybe I will just use 1 pump in the morning, and 1 1/2 pumps only at night. Any suggestions?

I decided to fast from dairy and gluten to see if that is another reason why I break out. I actually believe it's more dairy related but it won't hurt to try both. Because of this switch, I need to go to farmer's market and get all gluten free and dairy free groceries now...but I don't want to go because of my skin. I mean, my skin isn't terrible, but it's just VERY red right now. So to starve and not go to the store, or suffer more break outs and begin my food-allergy test.

I need encouaragement. I haven't told my family what I am doing, and they would probably say it wouldn't work anyway. :(/ Maybe tomorrow I will go to the store before doing the regimen. That way my skin won't be so red after applying the new BP. ? ok sounds like a plan.


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