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Day Five



Hmm, so I'm on day 5 and I'm starting to notice some side effects already. I am completely exhausted, doesn't matter how much sleep I get. Someone suggested staying active to kick fatigue in the butt, so I'm gonna start a work out routine tomorrow and see how that goes.

My skin around my nose seems to be getting dried out, It appears to be the only spot tho. Ive been moisturizing twice a day, morning and night, but now it appears I'll have to moisturize a tad bit more! Inside my nose must be dry as well, because I've been sneezing a lot, which I'm not used to, I'm gonna get a humidifier and start sleeping with that in my room.

Oh yeah my skin also feels itchy on my face, but I'm assuming thats just in association with the dryness. hmm what else, as far as acne goes, nothing seems to be getting better (which i wasn't expecting so fast anyways) but I do have a big, painful pimple on my cheek. I did put a topical on it over night, but nothing seemed to make it go away, so I may have picked it a little. (I know bad, but it's hard not to!)

joint pain! I'm experiencing it in my hips which i thought was a tad weird, it sucks, but nothing a couple advils can't handle. Oh and my scalp seems itchy too, which is one symptom I'm extremely scared of, since I already have thin hair to begin with, plus I color my hair blonde (I naturally have dark brown hair). My hair is actually really healthy considering what I've put it through. But I'm so scared for hair loss, since I can't exactly afford it with my hair as thin as it is. I guess only time will tell.

hmm I think that's about it so far.


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