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Wearing makeup...



Hey guys,

So this is day 17 being on the regimen (I think) and things are looking great. I still get these tiny white heads but they heal and are gone the next day. I can feel a pimple underneath my skin on my lower cheek, but I have learned not to squeeze or pick my face. I love this regimen, despite the dryness. All the cystic acne I had on my jawline and neck is gone! The red marks are healing. Since I have very very fair skin, my skin now just looks like I've been in the sun but it's not as red as the first few days of using BP. Last night, I gently rubbed the parts of my face that aren't breaking out to get rid of the slough and flakes (mainly my temples and hairline). When I got out of the shower, I was shocked! The skin underneath those dry patches is smooth and glowing, granted a little red. I am excited for how my skin will look after I've been on the regimen for a few months. I can't wait to use the AHA to get rid of these flakes! Now, I still have a lot of dryness, but this was very encouraging to me to keep with the regimen and uping the BP.

For foundation I wear/wore Everyday minerals. The concealer is an actual powder you apply with a small brush, and the foundation is pressed powder. I switched from bare minerals to everyday minerals back in november, and it looks much more natural. However, as Dan advised, I haven't worn foundation since starting the regimen. (maybe twice I have?) I realized that if I use concealer, it just makes the red bumps on my jawline (healing pimples which aren't that big) seem like these huge white mountaints on my face. So I decided that people can see my healing acne, but since my skin tone is red it kinda blends in with the rest of my face. haha. One day I tried wearing foundation all over, and you could see the unever texture in my skin. When I smile or laugh (which is a lot :]) the dryness would show. I use Dan's moisturizer with 5 drops of jojoba oil, and after it dries I blot the excess oil gently with a tissue.

Today I decided since I am going to church, to wear a LITTLE foundation again. I actually have been so used to seeing my skin without makeup, that I feel when I wear the foundation it doesn't look like me! I almost don't like it, because it's not doing what I want it to haha. So anyways, I think I want to encourage those women who are afraid to go out or be seen without makeup...it's not as bad as you think. Yes the first few days you will always think about your naked skin, but I have found I am more outgoing and like meeting people. Strange? Yes, but it's like I want to talk to my friends so that maybe they see more of my personality than my skin. You're true friends should encourage you.

Also, a good motivation to continue with the regimen is that my best friend (that I'm in love with!) is visiting from Europed in July. I hope I can be around him without wearing makeup. I made the mistake when I visited him during Christmas in sleeping in my makeup...ugh. Ok, well I won't make this blog any more boring. I gotta go anyways. peace.....


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