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Day 46- I have been picking....



I have been picking at my face non stop....It seems my pimples go away faster if I bring them to the surface....I know your not soppose to but at this time all I want is for them to go away.... :)

I also have a date tonight....which took every ounce of coarage for me to say yes to. I really don't feel confident enough to go out and meet new people but I figured I need to start some time....I'm not sure how I can feel confidence when my face is such a mess....I'm just hoping he can see pass the scars and breakouts to my personality traits.

I found myself looking at other woman at work looking to see if anyone else has the same problem as me and there's not one....No one has acne but me at my workplace and I work for a HUGE corp. I just wanted to see what others see when they look at me. Is it a horrible view or is it suttle....I just wonder.... :D

I guess I'm turtoring myself by thinking that, but I really just want to know.....


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It is sooo hard not to pick... I find myself picking when I'm not even thinking about it. Like a nervous habit. So awful.Have fun on your date tonight! I think having acne, we obsess over our skin whereas it's easy for others to look past it and just brush it off. You are your own harshest critic. Others don't care half as much!

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I just got back from my date...and your right he didn't even notice my pimples....I did tell him about my accutane and he didn't understand why I needed it...lol...Thanks for the advice! :boohoo:

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