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2 Weeks to Go....



...On this wretched drug! Ok, ok, I shouldn't be so hard on accutane, but it's beeen hard on me!!!

This last month has just been awful! I'm finally experiencing the joint pain I've heard people talk about. My entire rib cage, sternum and spine feel like those of an 80 year old. I can barely function. I'm so tired all the time--I'm falling asleep before 7:00pm at night and barely waking up after 10 hours of sleep. Through the day, I can't even keep my eyes open. This drug is really taking its toll. My hair and skin are so dry that I dread showering and washing my hair. I don't work out any more because there is no way I could add an extra post-workout shower to my regimen.

I can't wait to take my last pill, but at the same time, I am so afraid to go back to the way things were before accutane!

As for my skin, I'm completely clear. I still have to wear makeup for a few reasons: One, I still have a rad scar from a cortisone injection last month. It's a huge indentation that is bright white all around and a dark spot in the center. Two, I have discoloration from previous breakouts. Three, all things considered, my overall skin tone isn't really good.

(I still Highly recommend that Almay makeup I mentioned before. It has jojoba oil in it so it helps hydrate while evening skin tone)

I know I sound negative, but don't get me wrong, accutane has done wonders for me! My pores are invisible, my oil is gone (for now), my face is completely smooth (with the exception of the freakin' GRAND CANYON on my cheek), and I have zero active pimples. With everything I've been through on accutane, I am just plain picky at this point. I expect perfect skin by the time I'm done with this shit!

How is everybody else doing???


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