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19th Feb 2011 (Updateness!!)



Hello :),

hows you peeps its half term so im in a gd mood. I had a haircut on the 11th feb which also cheered me up. I've been bad with taking my tablets as they are so hard to take as you should know if you have read my other blogs. Your probs going to laugh im a big Josie & John james fan from BB11 so i sent them both a fan letter as i got signed pictures back with a note from josie which made my day, im just hoping im going to get a note back from John james as i havn't had anything from him but its busy lol.

On the 9th march i have a appointment with the Dermatologist that im hoping is going to clear my skin completely, i can't wait to feel confidence again and go out without worrying about what people are thinking. Some of my friends has been really nice about the change that happend to my skin others have been rude so i don't think we are real friends.

Write soon


x x x


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