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Day 20



My skin is looking pretty good today, best it's looked in a week. The spots on the lower lip/above the chin area are fading and a lot of the dotty red spots on my cheek have faded too. The only explanations i can give for this (other than the obvious; that it is the natural healing process) was that i drank a lot of water yesterday and washed my face with only warm water (no cleanser/ exfoliant) Whatever the cause i'm very happy that i'm not waking up. looking in the mirror and cursing my skin as usual.

Finding a cleansing/moisturising routine has always been a problem for me as virtually everything aggrivates my mild-moderate acne. i think in the future when i've hopefully gotten rid of acne that i'm going to make my skin care routine as simple as possible. If all moisturisers break me out then i wont moisturise....i'd rather have a natural case of wrinkly skin than acne at 40-50.

Anyway i digress. My skin this morning has given me hope that i can perservere with this diet a lot longer. My energy levels (despite a long lie in this morning that i know is not going to do my body clock any good at all) are pretty good and i'm going to work out after i finish this blog. One thing i have taken care to notice more of lately is the colour of my tongue when i wake up in the morning. People with candida are generally said to have a pale white coating on the tongue and i have to say mine does look an unhealthy pale hue when i wake up. I hope this is something that gets better the more i stick with this diet.


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