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Day 45 - Still feeling Down



Today - I woke up and had no new pimples Thank god, but I still have 6 cystic pimples that are killing me softly.....I have started to put on spot treatment on them to see if it helps....

My side effects are still under control, but I do think I'm coming down with a cold...I just don't feel like myself, even with the accutane I know when my body is off....


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well atleast their was no new breakouts for you so that was good i guess :boohoo: and you live in the hot westcoast having a cold sucks when you say "even with the accutane I know when my body is off" what do you mean? hey i hope your feeling good since it's Friday!!! im clubing for 2 days and watchin NBA all-star game sunday i hope you do something fun to pick yourself up since it's big weekend anyway have a great weekend :D cya

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also im not sure if you seen my 2nd reply from day 44 but here it is..thx KC i like to give encouraging words on here now since people on this community helped me by giving me encouraging words all the time about 28 months ago- Oct-2008..it really helped a ton man it took me 28 months to undo the massive damage Proactive had did to my face was hook on proactive like it was fucking Drugs then when i stop it really fucked my faceup massively bad. from having a lot of blackheads and Other VeryBad acne i all at once over the 28 months was hard on me.I was spending 100's of bucks on acne items that did not work untill Oct 2008. when i found this site and dan's regimen then i joined the forums and asking what can i try to get my acne out of my life,and i needed something good since im black and the darkspots and blackheads really suck plus i wa getting mass breakouts daily so people in the community told me about (AMBI for blackskin care and Acnescript) so using dans regimen + acnescript and AMBI. I started using Dan's Regimen in Oct-2008 then Acncescript AMBI in jan-2009 and my skin had started to clear slowly but surely blackheads and darkspots started to fade the breakouts stop coming daily and then Dec. of 2010 my breakouts stoped and my skin was 95% clear so now i have been counting the weeks i have been clear and not having any breakout it feels good i wish i had pics of the way my skin used to look like and what it is now. but like you say in your post today and your other blog posts that you cant seem to catch a break i been down that road it sucks too lol things will get better trust.

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