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Having followed what people have writen on this website for some time I really just wanted to give something back and share my story.

I am a 22 year old guy and am 6 weeks off my 2nd course of accutane. Right now my skin is amazing and I am so happy with the situation. I have never suffered from “severe acneâ€, however, I suffered from persistent moderate acne that although not scarring physically, really drained my confidence and was beginning to effect who I was and what I did. For example I wouldn´t got to a party or an event if I had had a particularly bad flare up. So, after trying every over the counter treatment, topical antibiotic and oral antibiotic out there – I finally opted for accutane.

I had seen some success with the oral antibiotics but this was only ever temporary and then when I tried to go back on them they seemed to no longer have an effect. It was a tough decision as I had seen a couple of friends on accutane and was well aware that it is a tough drug. Also, they had had much worse skin than myself so I didn´t know if I warranted it. However, due to my resistance to all other treatment the dermatologist put me on it at 80mg per day for 4 (then increased to 5 months). It worked and my skin was beautifully clear for about 5 months following the treatment. However, it then started to come back slowly but surely, not as bad as before but still bad enough to affect me. I went on a new antibiotic (lymecycline) in an attempt to stop the relapse without accutane as well as persisting with the 'regime' but my skin just couldn't cope with the benzoyl peroxide. With both I saw initial success and then failure. So, I have now undergone a 2nd course of accutane (6 months at 80mg) and again it was hard but again it has worked wonders. I didn´t get terrible side effects, only slight lethargy and very dry lips as well as mood swings but nothing bad - although socially its a bit of a killer I have to say.

Having read up a lot of information and spoken to my dermatologist it seems that the 2nd course often “finishes the job†for a majority of patients. I pray this is right and I can go on and live the life that I want to live. For now I live for the day and it’s great not to look in the mirror in the morning and know that you are going to see a number of new spots brewing. For those of you who read the posts by people saying that acutance doesn´t work, it always comes back etc…this is not true and as stated by various others..most of the people cured my accutane aren’t hanging around acne websites anymore! As I referred to earlier in the article, 2 of my friends have taken it for more severe acne than mine and to this day (5 years on) they are absolutely clear and healthy too. Dermatologists do not pick a number out of the hat and say X% of people recover after 1 course and X% after the 2nd etc…they are facts, but there are unfortunate anomalies as with anything in life. Having clear skin isn´t your life but it does allow you to live your life. I hope that I never come looking for information on this website again and I wish everyone the best of luck! If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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