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day 19



Another day and more acne below my lower lip on the right hand side of my face. Very inflammed, has a horrible white centre. Aside from this area, i have a lot of tiny red marks from old inflammed acne on my right cheek (again the right side of my face is the worse). It looks very mild but having said this, the acne i had there was really quite minimal anyway and i didnt expect the redness to last this long. Forehead is reasonably ok, quite a few white heads but you cant really tell in natural light so it doesnt bother me too much.

Why do i mostly get inflammed acne beneath my lips/above my chin area? The whole tooth-paste theory isn't valid for me as i have been using SLS free toothpaste for 5 months and at any rate i've never been so messy when cleaning my teeth that i let it drip on to my skin. The theory about ingrown hairs isnt applicable either. Although i suffer from ingrown hairs generally, i dont have any hair growth in the area where the acne around the lower lips/above the chin usually forms. It's very odd. The only thing i can think off is that if the toxens in my body have to be realeased then i guess they have to be released somewhere :)


Because i know i'm gluten and dairy intolerant i do try and minimize these foods but it is very difficult to do so on a candida diet. I have had 4 slices of yeast free soda bread this morning but that will be all from the gluten food group today.

As i posted in my blog, apart from an increase in acne over the past week i've experienced no die-off symptoms whatsoever. This does lead me to think that despite my quite regular periods of antibiotic use i may NOT have candida at all and that my acne/ulcers/sinus troubles may be due to something else. The skin reaction could just be the introduction of L-Glutamine and Capyrilic acid supplements in which my body is having a hard time coping with. Anyhow, i shall continue on this diet until at least the end of the month before i consider possibly trying the gluten free/ dairy free diet. I'm determined this year is going to be THE year that i find out what's causing my acne. I'm getting older, i'm twenty four and i refuse to go through my life with this problem without at least looking for a solution :D


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