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Sinking in



Well first of all ill mention im pretty pissed off cause i got rejected from getting into this club tonight so its about 10.30pm and im back at home pretty early. Apparently my 'sport shoes' weren't allowed after 6pm. I was wearing Air Force Ones FFS, its not like they were runners. Well at least they were consistent about it and did the same to a bunch of other guys. One girl from my group who already got let in tried to help me get back in because usually if your with a chick theres a better chance of getting in. But to no avail, same shit happened, didn't get let in. I didn't organise to meet up at this place it was some other dude, the place is kinda high class...ugh.

Anyway whats really been on my mind is the girl that i gave my number to on valentines day hasn't called. Usually i dont get too wound up if i get rejected but, i dunno, theres just something about this girl thats different. Its hard to pin point. Anyway today i felt a bit down that i wasn't gonna get the call and i was just reviving the moment i gave her the rose and maybe, i could have phrased my words differently? Hopefully i'll get over it soon and quick...Did i mention whenever this song is played here on the radio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TLCkIGV2mw, it will remind me of her lol.

I quit my job Tuesday btw. Im going all out to complete my degree this year and i dont want to get to distracted from my studies by working or playing soccer. It wasnt too long ago that i was juggling a job, representative soccer and university lol no wonder i went so bad in my studies. Now all im doing is just full time university...thats it, pretty pathetic. I suck....

btw if anyones reading this i appreciate you taking the time to do so lol. Feel free to comment haha.


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