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I finally discovered what was causing my breakouts! At least, I'm almost 99.9% sure.

Last week I drank a TON of juice! I was careful not to choose the crap loaded with sugar so I went with the Simply stuff... and yes it still had a lot of sugar, even if they were natural sweetners.. in the end sugar is sugar and my body apparently really hates it. Well that and all the other crap I had last weekend.. Anyways, now that it's over with I'm sort of going through a detox process because like i said.. I had a lot of sugar. That is going to make me breakout too because as the detox continues, it's constantly getting all the bad stuff out, which always happens to be on your face. Oh well.. I've come to terms with the face that my skin is not very good at the moment.. Hopefully it get's better soon as I'm also planning to hopefully not wear a drop of makeup this weeked, so fresh and so clean :D

On the brightside, I did order this Ponds dark spot correcting moisturizer, it's like 10$ from Walgreens but only online sadly. However it got great reviews so I'm really excited to see the results in a few weeks. I also got new cover up, I hate liquid makeup and tend to avoid it completely, but the powder stuff wasn't working too well and I ordered this LA Minerals Makeup. It's actually good for your skin so woo! And it looks great, just a little tip if anyone is looking for a new brand.. It is a little pricey, but it lasts a LONG time if you just go little by little and don't overload.

Well that's my advice and epiphany from the week, and now to start my lovely 4 1/2 day weekend! :)


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