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Week 3, Day 2 Update



Good news! My face seems to have nicely adjusted to BP and at 2/3rd the recommended amount my skin has virtually no redness or flakes. I was pretty surprised that my face adjusted so quickly as I had always thought I had sensitive skin. With other products such as Proactive, I never gave them enough time to get past the irritation faze. Now I realize that maybe I should have give them a longer shot. Although, I find that Dan's Regimen is way more simple and so far pretty dang effective.

As for clearness of skin: During week 2 things weren't as pretty as week one. I think I was experiencing some purging. Yet this week I would say that my face is 80-90% clear of ACTIVE pimples. There are a lot of red marks but when I run my hand over my face when doing the regimen, my face does not feel inflamed like it did a few weeks ago. That is pretty awesome!

So bottom line: so far so good! Only time will tell (eh, hem, especially that "time of the month") how well the Regimen will work in the long run, but I have high hopes. From reading all that Dan has posted about how acne cannot survive in oxygenated skin (or high levels of BP) seems pretty optimistic.

Give it another month or two with consistent success and I will definitely be recommending this product/process to all!



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