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day 18



Woke up today to find little change in my acne except for one new little pimple below two HUGE buggers beneath my lower lip (I always get them here, why o why?) Have put a little tea tree oil on it in the hope that it might look less angry tomorrow.

In terms of diet, it's just another day of no cheating on a low sugar diet;

Breakfast: four or five slices of yeast free soda bread, three or four rice cakes and supplements.

Snack; Sunflower seeds

Dinner; salad with some quinola and crackerbread (yeast free)

snack; oatcakes.

Evening; Sunflower seeds, rice cakes, wholegrain puffed rice with rice milk,

Nothing terribly formidable about my food here i think; nothing that should feed a candida problem anyway. The only real sugar is in the rice milk and i've been told that's ok for people on a candida diet.

I'm begining to wonder if my recent breakout has less to do with any 'die off' symptoms and more to do with the recent additions of capyrilic acid and L-glutamine to my supplement routine. Both have been recomended as useful weapons in the candida battle and so i shall stick with them for the time being.

On the subject of 'die off' symptoms i have to say that although my energy levels are absolutely fine and i dont miss sugar at all, my stomach has been reacting badly to this diet from the moment i started it. Generally i have a lot of gas, and i go to the toilet more frequently than i had done before. This is most likely to due with the increase of fibre in my eating habits. The salad is ok but cabbage and other greens tend to give me digestive problems.

Am hoping these spots beneath my lower lip are better tomorrow, i have a funny feeling they'll be here for a while yet though :)


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