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Jojoba oil before BP



So I was wondering why BP wasn't working as fast as I thought it would. It seemed like my pimples should have dried up sooner or something. My skin still is very dry and flakey however. So I read that it helps to sort of exfoliate and moisturize with jojoba oil before applying BP. I have been doing this for the last 4 days or so. Well I realized a crucial mistake I was making: I wasn't allowing the BP to dry all the way before applying moisturizer because of the jojoba oil underneath it. I couldn't tell if the BP had really dried. rrrrr Well i am on day 14-15 of the regimen and I am glad that I caught this mistake. Now, after applying the BP without the oil first, my skin is definitely burning more and I can "feel" its potency hahaha. Anyways, thought I could pass that advice on. WAIT FOR BP TO DRY!!!! give it time to work.


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