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gonna start posting blogs...



hey you guys!

well, a small intro, i'm 16 almost 17, i've had acne for about 7-8 years now, and my acne severity has ranged from mild-moderate to moderate-severe. as of right now, my acne is splendid! in comparison to what it use to be haha. i have acne on my face, pretty much all on my cheeks, somewhat on my chin, and i have acne on my back also. i actually should have stated posting a long time ago.. hehe. i've been on dan's regimen for hmmm, 2ish months? though i havent been necessarily following it religiously.. i do it once a day and i add the AHA+ in with it, and i do the occasional home remedy. my actualy acne is actually doing wonderful, i currently have about 3 pimples on my face, and just a few on my back, which from before, is great! so dan's stuff works for sure. and i'm positive that if i did it twice a day, it would work 100%, i just have problems waking up early enough before school.. :D but i'm gonna be working on that!

so my regimen is...

acne.org cleanser. acne.org bp. acne.org AHA+

i use the moisturizer whenever i feel extra dry, but i have oily skin, so i'm usually okay with just AHA+. and i just got my jojoba oil in today! :D so yea, i'm going to do my best to post regularly! aand i'm gonna try and figure out how to post pictures, haha.. if any of you guys know how, i'd love the help, hehe.

hope to see some replies.. of course, a teenage girl with skin issues could use all the support she could get :) i have my good share of support and ridicule :( sigh :( but i'll post of that psychological crap later, as i've dealt with that for sure.. ANYWAYS. your replies will be greeeatly appreciated and replied back to!

thanks you guys! :)


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