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Accutane: Day 3



HI! I am creating this blog mostly for my own benefit, but also because I know being on Accutane I am looking for as many personal experiences as possible, with lots of details, to know what to expect. Hopefully I can help someone else in the future understand what it is like to take this drug. Feel free to comment on anything I say.

I am a 21 year old female and have suffered with mild to moderate acne since the 5th grade. I just started 20mg Accutane Monday February 14, 2011 once a day (I always take it right after I eat dinner). I had moderate acne that could not be controlled by antibiotics or topical creams. My acne always left dark post inflammatory marks and a few have left some shallow pock marks, most of my acne is on my cheeks and chin. I also have extremely oily skin. I just started Accutane and I have not noticed any improvement or worsening. My skin is drier than normal, especially since I have stopped all topical creams and I am just washing with cetaphil gentle wash and moisturizing with cetaphil facial moisturizer. And since it is the beginning I have been spot treating on a couple of large pimples I had that I can't stand to just let go without anything topical on them.

I will hopefully update this weekly with a picture and a description...Maybe more than once a week if something interesting happens...?


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