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Day 109



109 days into my Accutane treatment and I'm still not totally clear. Feeling disappointed but still hopeful for the future at the same time. I have confidence that I will be clear, in only another couple of months I hope. The storm I mentioned a month ago turned out to be a mirage, the storm disappeared. I have increased my dose to 40mg. My skin and lips are even more dry and I'm still getting painful large cysts on my neck but they're smaller, and I don't get so many as frequently as I used to. So it's clear to me that my acne is subsiding because of the reduction of oil production on my skin which happens to come with mildly irritating side-effects: as my skin gets dry, and flaky, my lips become so chapped and sore they crack and bleed, if I don't use lib balm every hour or so. Drinking alcohol is fine but I feel awful in the morning and have a pounding headache if I had gotten so drunk that the walls around me were dizzy. Otherwise I'm healthy and okay (for now).


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