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Candida diet



Have decided to keep a blog of my acne progress while on the candida diet. Hopefully if i keep blogging and recording my progress i can work out any patterns that are improving or aggrivating my condition.

Background of my Mild-Moderate acne.

Started getting little spots on my nose as early as eleven years old but they were only minor. The first years of adolescence were mostly acne free except for TERRIBLE blackheads, particularly on the nose. The condition (if i remember correctly) began to get worse when i was seventeen/eighteen with large puss-filled spots (gross i know) coupled with huge blackheads. At nineteen (i think) i began my first round of anti biotics for several months which did seem to work at first. Things did improve, but then at the age of twenty the severity of the acne worsened again and i was put on another round of anti-biotics this time to little effect. Eventually my acne got better on it's own and i believe that during the summer when i was twenty one/twenty two my face was the clearest it had ever been. I wish i could remember what i was eating back then or any significant changes in my life but i'd probably had the best skin i'd ever had at this time.

Having said that i dont remember what 'cured' me of acne that summer i know precisely what caused my face to erupt again. After using a cheap facial exfolient that i bought for a very small amount of money i woke up one morning to find a huge pimple on my right cheek. I tried everything to get rid of it, using a variety of different products which did far more harm than good and succeded in spreading the infection all across my face. Was then perscribed another round of anti biotics and differin cream. After many months things did improve but the real 'miracle' (or so i thought) came when i was lurking on these boards and found that people were raving about niacin. I became curious and so ordered some from the internet. Taking 3 500mg tabs a day, i discovered that the anti-inflammatory effects were by far the most remarkable thing that has helped my acne. For a good two to three months i was able to eat what i wanted and only experience minimal breakouts. Unfortunately, as with the majority of people on acne.org, the effects of niacin only lasted a short time and for the past year i've been back to square one.

Due to my history of antibiotics and a generally poor diet, i came to the idea that candida might be the root cause of my acne. For the past 17 days i've been on a diet consisting of;

Little/no sugar

No diet cokes/sodas

No yeast

No critic acid

Am also taking the following supplements;

Niacin 500mg 3x a day

L-glutamine 500mg 4x a day

Probiotic 2x a day

zinc 25 mg 1 a day

vit c 1000 mg 1 day

Cod liver oil 1 a day

Caprylic acid 400mg 3x a day

For the first two weeks my energy levels haven't dipped at all, physically i felt great and my acne was moderate. The past few days though have seen several inflammed pimples near my mouth and one on my forehead which i'm not happy about :) This could be the famous die off reaction but i had expected this to effect my energy levels a lot more, also i expected the severity to be much worse.

At the moment i'm unhappy because it doesnt feel as though anything major is happening except for a few nasty pimples. I had anticipated major fatigue and some signs that the yeast in my body is dying. Nevertheless i shall keep going and record my progress here.


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