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Day 43 - Feeling ok



I woke up today and had small white heads - once I got out of the shower they were gone...My big cystic acne is still there....At this point I think I'm going to stop looking at the mirror and hope for the best....Everytime I see a new pimple I pop it and then I get 3 more. Hence why you shouldn't pick at your face...but is so hard not too...espcially when your trying to apply makeup... :)

Besides that nothing new to report....


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hello their soo it sound like today was a light day besides that Cystic, and picking your acne does suck man because sometimes you need too but you know that scar/darkspot will be coming soon. i hope your atleast looking in the mirror when your applying yo makeup :boohoo: J/K i used to hate looking in the mirror but i did it anyway even tho my skin was bad at the time,when your skin is all clear yo ass is going to be looking in your mirror and say too yourself ""DAMMMM! Girl YOU A BAD Bitch<- :D Can I Get Yo Number Ma"" ROFL!! :D man the things that pop up in my head is crazy lol i need too layoff Twitter and Facebook :D <-- LOL! cya around

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Ha ha your so funny lol :D Yes I'm looking at the mirror when I apply my makeup...lolThe one cystic acne I have on the side of my temple HURTS like hell....I'm going to poop it tonight till it bleeds... :boohoo: And yes a dark spot or scar forms right away....suks...but at least it stopd hurting...

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