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Day 10



I made it through my first blister pack, yay! Only 17 more packs to go, haha. Anyway, nothing too new to report. I showed the bumps on my chin that had spread very significantly (to about 20-30!) to my dermatologist on Monday. She took two of her extracting tools and literally just attacked my chin. She was able to get a bunch of the whitehead stuff out, but I have about 10-15 little scabby dots on my chin from where she pricked my skin. Two or three of the ones she extracted have turned into smaller white heads. But I think I would rather have a few little scabby dots and whiteheads that will last a week hopefully, then some huge big whiteheads that will give me some big nasty red marks. I think by early next week all those scabs will have fallen off and cleared up (keeping my fingers crossed for that one). From far away, it doesn't look really bad but up close you can see all the scabs and little red dots, it's pretty gross. Make up doesn't really cover scabs that well I've learned!

So far no new breakouts on my cheeks or forehead, although I still do have some bumps under my skin on my forehead that could come up and two smaller actives that might be forming on my cheeks that I am hoping just go away! No change in blackheads on my nose and cheeks.

I still have no symptoms. No dry skin, no dry lips, NOTHING.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get a horrible initial breakout. I really just want to skip that part, but then again so does everyone. I feel like some people do actually get initial breakouts in their second month too (like between weeks 4-6), so I honestly won't feel comfortable about bypassing an initial breakout until week 8!

I definitely know I won't be happy with my skin at least until month 3 because I loathe old marks, and I have a bunch of those and they need to fade. I know they usually take at least 6 months to completely go away, especially the bad purple/dark red marks! I will probably complain about them in every post until they're gone, haha.

Oh yea, and my goal of not visiting acne.org for 5 days...yea, that did not work. I am still going to try and post every 5 days, and limit my time but I just know until all signs of acne go away I think I'll still be pretty obsessed with acne.org.


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