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Muffins... And More

Veronica S.


I got really hungry because all I've eaten all day was... Hmm... Let's see... I'll go through the food part of my day:

I woke up, then after I got ready I had a little time. I had some Powerade Zero Calories before falling back asleep. My friend gave me a big cookie for Valentine's Day, so I ate about a third of that before I actually had to do anything. My other friend gave me three pieces of candy in turn for three bites of my cookie. I had two pieces of chocolate from another friend. Then at lunch I had three or so chicken nuggets. They were really salty and right now I want more. I had half a small cookie, some popcorn and two Capri Suns. I got home, ate some Valentine's Chocolate, some fruit gummy snacks and two chips, then some time passed and I got hungry again. I went into the kitchen and this is where this story ties together.

I got a muffin and instead of wondering if this would make more pimples, I was wondering which ones had blueberries. I got some butter on it, heated it in the microwave and then burned my hand. Don't ask how. Just know I did. So I picked out the blueberries because they're all hard and nasty. I ate my muffin and now I'm drinking more of the Powerade form this morning.

I told you before I have a terrible diet. And now you know. I don't eat a lot of chocolate and stuff on the week days (I get as much as I can though). I eat a lot of caffeine and sweets on the weekends. However much I try improving my diet, I'm addicted to Coca-Cola.

Anyway, my diet is unhealthy and not ot mention bad for my face and my pimples. Oh well, I can improve it if I want. A muffin wont kill me, after all. Right?


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