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Veronica S.


I'm so jealous of my sister and my friend. They have perfectly clear skin. My friend, Anna, has told me how she does it with her stupid homemade remedies. Her dresser is always covered in honey and crap whenever I some over, though. My sister, however, used to use the same things I used to so I don't get it. I'm very angry that they both have such clear skin. All my friends have clearer skin that me... That I can see.

My sister, Michelle, has a lot of freckles so I wouldn't want her skin anyway, but how clear of redness it is, is rather appealing. I ask her how she does it, and a few times before she says, 'Well, I don't wash my face. When I wash my face it dries me out and gives me pimples.' Whenever she said that, I would want to punch her in the face. Like I said, she used to use the same Clean and Clear face wash I did. Granted, her stuff was the silver stuff and I had the orange Morning Burst stuff. The silver stuff would burn my face. Still, though, we used the same stuff, all of a sudden she STOPS using face wash and then bam! Her skin is very clear. While she is on birth control, and probably has a better diet than I do (two things that help), I'm still jealous of her and her stupid clear, freckly skin.

Anna, on the other hand, is my age, not on birth control but does have a better diet probably. She doesn't eat, though. Not the school lunch. In fact, I've never seen her eat anything unless from McDonald's. Whenever I ask, she says, 'I use avocado masks, oatmeal masks, honey masks...' Now not in those words, because I vaguely remember one time when I asked why her deodorant was sticky, she said it had honey on it from when she either A) ate some McNuggets with honey, or B) mixed it with stuff for her face. I don't remember which it was, but I just scoffed and put the deodorant down.

Now I'm wishing my skin was clear, but I keep feeling my cheeks and chin because they are very soft. I put a mask of lemon juice, baking soda and baking powder on my face a while ago. I only put it on the infected areas. Afterwards I re-did it because I find that the mask makes the skin really soft and I wanted my whole face to be soft. Now, I don't think Michelle's or Anna's faces are ever this soft (not that I feel their faces). I should be counting my lucky stars that my acne is leaving my forehead and my face is so soft without moisturizer. And it's not oily either! I'm so happy I've found something that works, but still. I wish I had no pimples like they do with their stupid facial clensing routines.


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