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happy valentines



yup today is valentines and i want to look nice so when i wake up in the morning after a warm shower i put some BP only on my acne not the whole face then after 5 minutes i put moiturizer given by my derma then few minutes after i apply concealer on my pimple marks and thanks at least i hide some of the marks on my face good thing i already pick the big ones last nyt hahahahaha ihope it will dry up soon.


i saw one pimple just below my right jaw line...the 3 acne which i pick last nyt was already reddish haha...damn me...i hope it will dry up quickly because i will have a date with my bf this friday...

damn stupid of me i buy 1 pack of that stupid chips and ate it all up wahahahahaha....i wonder how many acne i will get with that shit...

:) :) :(

well nothing new today i am just on my day 15 and i can see few changes but not that much...i hope and still pray for my success... :D

good night for now i want to sleep early so that i can be pretty tomorrow haha! :(


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