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Day 20



(It's weird how fast twenty days have passed by)

Not big changes on my skin, still getting whiteheads but they vanish pretty fast, though some of them are a lil more contentious and get inflamed and BIG. Hate it in the morning when i'm always afraid of how red and big they have grown over night..

But in other news, my sister is pregnant and the baby will be born soon!

(Btw it's a little hard for me to write everything in english, hope u guys still understand me)

And side effects:

-dry lips. Thats all =D

So nothing much :) I guess my hair is getting drier day by day but that doesnt bother me at all!

And if anybody knows, can u color ur hair when ur on accutane? someone said it may harm ur scalp or something :D


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Just wanted to comment on your English - it's great. One thing I noticed is that you're saying "eat" for when, I assume, you're swallowing a pill, like a Zinc supplement. In English often people say "take" so like I would say, I take Vitamin C supplements. But now that just seems weird to me that we say "take" for swallow/eat. English is weird. Anyways....your English is awesome, I'm impressed.

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Oh okay. I always thought how to say that correctly :- my vocabulary is pretty minor sometimes. And thank you

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