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Last month on Accutane!



So this is my 6th and final month on Accutane!! Last Friday was my 5 month follow up appointment with my Derm and she was more than pleased with the results of tane.

I still have dry lips and my eczema is worse than ever (along my hands, wrists, arms, shoulders) with being on the drug. I'm still using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and am using only mineral makeup.

I havent had a blemish since my 4th month but because I did have a breakout during my menstrual cycle on my 4th month, my Dermatologist argued that I needed another month. She claims she likes to see patients on Accutane with 2 months free of blemishes...So I have one more month to be acne free before I am taken off of it.

Accutane saved me. I am no where near as self conscious as I used to be. I am not afraid of showing my bare face, its finally beautiful

I've had some bumps along the way but I am so glad I made the decision to take this miracle drug...I just hope I stay acne free!

Until next time...Ciao.


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