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onTANE DAY 123 Better on V-DAY!



i know its been a while since i last updated my blog... but here i am.. just back on track.. :D

ok so now im getting better.. :D people around me are complimenting on noticeable changes.. like, my face is not really painful anymore.. no puss, no zits, no bumps.. nothing.. the only thing left are scars.. and i still have 3 more months on accutane

still on 20mg dose.. and i think its working just fine.. im still dry.. my lips are still chappy.. my doctor is still positive with the result... just that infection from last year that bothered us both..

to those who are still on accutane.. just go on with it.. youll be just fine.. :( it will really get worst before it gets better.. hang in there.. :(

what else??? yeah i drank beers during my vacation but i limit my drinking to a bottle per session only.. :) im still using neutrogena and cetaphil for washing my face.. cetaphil moisturizing cream in the morning.. and at night sometimes.. and... im planning on taking vitamin c and zinc next month..

will be posting more updates soon.. :)


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