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Week 12/Week 6 LJ/Week 4 LP and Vitex/ 6 weeks since ending Badescu mask



ALERT: I haven't use JOJOBA oil since 1/28, my skin has been getting better. Maybe jojoba is bad for my skin.

2/19: morning: rinse and grape seed oil. mmu on left side

afternoon: castile. sulfur soap on for 10 minutes? grape seed oil. vitex.

night: vitex. 4tbsp LJ

2/18: morning: rinse, grapeseed oil, spf powder. vitex.

afternoon: castile. grape seed oil. mmu

night: castile. 20 minute soak in 1.5 scoops with extra .5 scoop added for last 10 minutes.

interrupted with clarisea scrub. sulfur on spots. grapeseed oil. vitex. 4 tbsp LJ.

2/17: afternoon: castile, grapeseed oil. mmu. vitex.

night: castile. WITCH HAZEL ON RIGHT SIDE. sulfur mask for 11 minutes (very thin except

on active pimples) sulfur on spots. grapeseed oil. vitex. 4tbsp LJ.

2/16: morning: warm water, grapeseed oil.

afternoon: spf powder, castile soap. grapeseed oil. vitex.

night: 4 minute soak in 3 scoops interrupted with castile. sulfur on spots. grapeseed oil. vitex.

4 tbsp LJ.

2/15: morning: Warm water, grapeseed oil, mmu. vitex.

night: Castile. 6 minute clarisea scrub. grapeseed oil. vitex. 4bsp LJ.

2/14: early afternoon: castile, grapeseed oil, mmu. vitex.

night: castile, 3 minute soak in 2 scoops interupted by castile. vitex. 4tbsp LJ. Sulfur on spots.

2/13: morning: mmu. vitex.

night: castile. sulfur soap 6 minutes. Grapeseed oil. vitex. 4tbsp LJ.


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