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Day 23



Acne status: The bumps I could feel under my skin the past few days have appeared on the surface of my skin. They're 5 or so very very tiny red bumps on my left cheek. Compared to what I'm used to, this is wonderful! My facial skin is dry and calm for the most part. I don't even need foundation today... for the first time in about 10 years... :)

Side effects status: Skin on my body is really dry. Muscle soreness again today. Not enough to keep me out of the gym though, if I weren't sick.

That brings me to unrelated news.

I have a 24-hour stomach bug. :D

Basically I went to bed last night thinking "oh man, I must've eaten too much at dinner."

It's now 3:35pm the next day and all I've done today is sleep/rest and eat a third of an apple. Ughhh I hope this goes away before tomorrow.


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