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So, out of the blue, my PIH marks decided to start fading. I have no acne on my right side, the one on my forehead is pretty much gone, and the PIH is very minimal. What has changed within the last week and a half? I stopped using AHA every day, and now I use it every other 2 days and just use a normal moisturizer. Flaking is a bit of a concern, but flakes>acne any day of the week! I love the surge of confidence that comes with a clear face. The sun no longer is an enemy, but something I can bask in.

Let's hope this continues. I have to admit I stopped being as gentle as usual but I am realizing it now and I'm going to try to change that. I have to say that in the month and a half using Dan's BP and AHA, my acne has subsided to almost complete clarity. His products are above par and better than anything on the store's shelves. If anyone is considering going on the regimen, make sure you use Dan's products. They have more bang for your buck, are superior in quality, and don't give you any of the lame side-effects from Neutrogena on the spot treatment.


I'll keep everyone posted, and when I am a little bit clearer the pics will come out!


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