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This is terrible



Guys accutane has caused me to become impotent at the age of 16. i cant live this way :'( my libido is gone and even tho i dont have too bad acne anymore its like my confidence is fake. i talk to people and act happy but deep down im destroyed inside. from what ive heaard doctors havnt been able to treat this. i need help i cant believe this has happened to me. anyone who can support me or give me positive feedback PLEASE DO! im so devestated that this is what my life has become i dont care about anything anymore. i should be looking at colleges and now i just think whats the use? life has no meaning. if anyone knows of a therapy that helped them to continue life, by all means. i can hook up and grind with my girlfriend for 20 minutes and all i get is the slightest bit of an erection. this has killed my pride. this is a horror story i wouldnt wish upon the worst of sinners and i am a good person. i could probably take viagra but that doesnt seem like it would help because sex doesnt even appeal to me the way it should. i should be so horny now and im not at all. maybe you guys cant help me, but i cant tell anyone this and any positive feedback could really make my day. ive thought of ending it but i could imagine doing that to the people around me. my life would otherwise be perfect but im miserable alwayys. this is truly a fate worse than death.

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Hello,1. Your skin is clearer, so there's a plus.2. The more you think about it and worry about it, the worse it will be - there's a big mental component in impotence. The Accutane may have started it, but it'll be hard for you to bounce back if you over-worry about it, which leads me to...3. Please keep on looking at colleges and enjoying your youth. You don't need a stiff wang to hang out with your friends, do well in school and enjoy your life. Your girlfriend understands. And if she doesn't... maybe time to find a new one. Impotence is emasculating and it can hurt a man's pride like nothing else, I know, but it won't be like this forever, and you have to just hold your head up and keep on truckin'. The better you feel about yourself, the easier it will be to deal with this problem. Do you have any friends you trust enough to talk to about this (ones who won't tell the whole school)? What about your dad? An older brother or cousin? Don't keep it bottled inside.Honestly - it doesn't make you a pussy or a freak. It happens to a lot of guys. A LOT of guys. You're not alone. If everything else is perfect, why let this one thing ruin it for you? You have to be stronger than that, man. Life throws things at you sometimes.Chin up. You'll be okay. Get some help and try not to let it bring you down. It's NOT the end of the world. It's just a malfunctioning body part, and it happens sometimes. It'll work again.Talk to someone.And cheer up! You have your whole life ahead of you!:boohoo:

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